We've all heard about the Hoverboards, laptops, Vape-devices, and smartphones where the internal batteries explode or burst into flames. Last year, I had a Samsung Note-3 where a swelled-up rechargeable battery almost popped open the phone case.

Today, I started to clear out an old fanny-pack for another purpose. Inside the pack I had been storing an old Canon point-and-shoot A3300-IS I bought in 2011. I had used it for about two years as a go-with-me pocket-camera, but replaced it's purpose with a Fujifilm X100S in 2013. So the A3300-IS has been sitting, unused, for about another four years. When I had set it aside back when, I left the Lithium-Ion battery inside it. When I found it today, I thought I'd try to recharge the battery and see if the little camera still worked. The problem was the battery didn't want to pop out of the camera slot. When I managed to pull it out, I realized the reason was that it had swelled up from deterioration.

All too often, I leave alkaline or rechargeable batteries in cameras or accessories when I'm done using them. This is not a good practice. Batteries eventually leak and may ruin the device. Worse, they could explode in a storage area and start a fire. I'm really bad about this with flash units in particular.

The good news is, my little Canon A3300-IS had a spare battery which I was able to recharge. That camera still works. I may just throw it in a pocket of my cargo pants on days I go out with my film camera loaded with black-and-white film. I've missed some neat shots over the years because I had the "wrong" camera or lens with me.

Thanks for the reminder David. I, too, had that revelation earlier this year. I have been going out a lot less the last year or so - so I have decided that until I get back into the swing.....I'm going to take the batteries out of my camera and store them in a proper place until I do go out.

Most of us are probably guilty of not taking out the battery when we store our cameras away. Good reminder, David, of what could and does happen. You were lucky your camera still worked.