I was just at Procam in Aurora to shop and as I was leaving I saw a stack of Canon Pro-1 printers with the sign "Sale reg. $1000.00 on sale for $500.00 with a $250.00 rebate from Canon". The salesman said they had a special deal with Canon to offer them at this price. He could talk with you in the store and you can tell anyone about but they could not advertise the sale in the media. This is a very nice deal for a 13x19 printer with 12 ink cartridges for only $250.00. If you are not looking for a new printer tell your friends about the sale.

At that price, it's cheaper to buy a whole new printer than it is to buy a box of replacement cartridges. So BUY SEVERAL new printers in anticipation of that.

Exactly what I was thinking, David.

Had a Canon...not thrilled. Bought an HP wireless, love it, cheaper ink.

Sorry the Canon fid not work for you. I use the Pro-100 and have excellent results with it. I am sure every one has their own likes.

The cannon pro should not cost you no more then 600 tops. if a store is saying 1000. shop around. Micro center had it for just over 500. with 200. rebate, about a yr ago.. now its about 600 with out. . great printer. but damn Ink is not cheap. there is a co. that sells bulk inks. but its a pain. not sure the saving worth it.