One of my CBS news feed email notices pointed to a just published book by CityFiles Press of older Chicago photographs. Chicago: Classic Photographs has a tag line on its offering web page that annoyed me a bit. That reads, "Chicago has never had a photo book of its own. Until now." We all know that's not true, don't we? I wonder what plans Pediment Group has for another CMC book?

Someone should have told them about "Lost Chicago" by David Lowe and "Chicago In Color" by Archie Lieberman & Robert Cromie.

The difference would be that they are known {famous} photographers, and if not famous, they are at least working professional photographers. I plan on purchasing the looks wonderful. Phil Ponce did a 8 minute segment on WTTW about it.

Yeah....that book iv will never happen.....they would be hard pressed to get great shots to fill it. It may sound harsh, but the eyes don't lie.

Yes are correct.

or it would be a book with a handful of photographers that consistently upload "book worthy" photographs

I won't be purchasing the book but that's because I don't tend to go back through photo books. I want stories about Chicago or at least background information on the photos. I was really hard pressed to purchase the the CMC books. I bought one and two were gifted to me.

Michelle, the basic premise of Capture My Chicago was lost to many of the posters. In the beginning I feel there was a pride to posting quality photos of the area. Then people wanted to stretch the boundaries because they don't tend to come into Cook County, let alone the city of Chicago. Finally, everything photographed was fair game to be posted without considering the parameters of the site. I think the tag line "The Best of the Chicago Area in Photos" is clear, concise and easy to understand.

I bought at least 12, maybe more, I have 2 left. I gave them as gifts. We had quite a few more regular up loaders back in the day. Quality photographs. Say there are 7 photos uploaded in a day {which does happen} ...chances are 4 of them will be blurry, random shots.....I will say absolutely there will never be another book. I am also not saying there are not quality photographs coming through, but no where near the amount that would warrant another book.

Giving the CMC books as gifts is a great idea if the recipients are big fans of Chicago, photography or both. Unfortunately. in my little world I don't know anyone that really fills the bill. I've been asked on occasion "Why would you take a photo of that?". If I have to try and explain, you're not going to understand.

I agree with the rest of your comment.

if it makes them money then of course there will be another book. and it will easily get filled because when older members get the notification that there is something worthwhile (to them) to return and participate here, this dead zone will be jumping like the old days!

If you go to the "News" tab at the Pediment Group web site, you can see what they've been publishing lately ....

That is cool....I have family photos that go back to the 1800's ...that would be cool to have them in a book like that. My Grandpa was from North Dakota, but that book was published already....I would have a hard time sending the original hard copy photos though !