I have an opportunity to have four of my photos hang in the corporate office of Marriott Hotels. They are having them done in canvas and are asking if there is a certain place to do this. Has anyone done canvas photos locally? Of course cost and quality are a factor. Thank you for any answers.

I have gotten over a half a dozen large canvas prints from and all have come to me flawless, well-packaged, and at reasonable price. A 1.25" thick canvas wrap 36x36-inches runs less than $100, for instance. You have to upload your hi-res photos to them after joining as a submitter. Then when you look at your individual photo on their site, you are presented with a wide variety of printing options. Usually, I order and take delivery myself, in cases where I give-away or sell a photo to someone else. But an admirer can order a print themselves, at a higher price.

Thank you, David .