One of my YouTube content subscriptions out of Grand Rapids just posted a nine-minute video titled, "10 Ways to Stay Creatively Inspired This Winter". This is a great little pep-talk to get out of the blues we photographers get into during the nasty midwest brutal weather. The author cites specifics and interjects some of his own still photographs as examples. It is well worth the few minutes viewing, even re-viewing.

My personal project this winter is getting my photo archive better organized and joining a new stock-photo site as a contributor. I already contributed to Getty Images through the backdoor by my page on Now I just qualified as a "contributor" on Shutterstock. This latest exercise has proven very demanding since each submission is meticulously examined by a professional photo-editor for quality, and to make sure their stock photo guidelines and rules are followed. Minor flaws barely noticeable are cause for rejection. So this is my challenge. Once you get involved in a project like this, you get all sorts of ideas for more new and different photographs. Its one way to keep growing.