The Final Days

Hey folks! There are only a few days left to shape the Capture My Chicago 2010 book. We have a few important things to let you know about as we wind down the Capture My Chicago 2010 book phase of the contest.

Self Portrait 2010 by Ashley Hamm

First, the book/DVD has been on pre-sale ($10 savings) for quite some time. If you haven't had a chance to scoop up your copies, now would be the perfect time. The pre-sale discount is coming to an end shortly, so you'll want to grab all the copies you need now for friends, family, holiday gifts, etc.

Buy the book/DVD now!

Second, we are happy to announce a special discount on the book/DVD for everyone who has been a part of the Capture My Chicago experience. When purchasing your copies, enter the discount code "capinsider" (no quotes) to get an additional $5 off! We're doing this as a way to say thanks for all of your contributions to the cause. We hope you enjoy the book!

Lastly, although there are only a few days left to submit photos and vote to shape the Capture My Chicago 2010 book, we're going to keep the site up beyond the book cutoff date. Why? Many of you have asked we keep things going because it's so much fun connecting with other photo enthusiasts and seeing the Chicago area through the eyes of other local photographers. Plus, the voting aspect means you'll still be shaping the best of Chicago in photos, seeing which of your photos rises to the top and getting a chance to look at some of the best Chicago-area photography out there. We'll also keep Spotlights going so there will be prizes to be won and interesting topics to photograph and vote for. Our goal is to keep the Capture My Chicago community active until the Capture My Chicago 2010 book is released -- then we'll see what happens after that! Enjoy, everyone!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published over 7 years ago in Capture My Chicago News