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Still Waters Run Deep in Reflection by Bruce Leighty
Bruce Leighty

Still Waters Run Deep in Reflection by Bruce Leighty in Cityscapes

I know we recently had a record-setting snow fall for November and I totally appreciate the quality images that have been uploaded to CMC as a result of the storm last week. And, I certainly do not want to detract from their quality and significance, but I must confess, that as I grow older winter weather holds less and less appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy shooting freshly fallen snow and other winter wonders, but I also long for warmer, more moderate climes.

As I have tired just a bit from the early snow of the season, I thought I would go back a couple of months or so in my image files and pull out a couple of images that I am fond of and feature something other than the early harsh weather aspects of our climate and perhaps can create a link to Thanksgiving.

One such image is what I call “Still Waters Run Deep in Reflection.” Often I chase light to an extreme. But on a late summer morning, I was fortunate to not only encounter great light but also stillness that often accompanies the early stages of the day. On a journey to the city I found both, hence this upload.

The early morning sun illuminated a portion of Chicago's South Loop skyline as it reflected into the South Branch of the Chicago River. The major buildings in the reflection include, from left to right, the Willis Tower (the Sears Tower to most of us), the 311 S. Wacker Drive Building, the AT&T Corporate Center and the distinctive condominium structure, River City.

Stillness and reflection: Good representations of a holiday such as Thanksgiving. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!

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