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Extreme View of Expanding Skyline by Bruce Leighty
Bruce Leighty

Extreme View of Expanding Skyline by Bruce Leighty in Cityscapes

The area that surrounds the meeting of the main flow of the Chicago River with its north and south branches has recently experienced a true construction boom that has transformed the skyline at the junction. To show a portion of this expansion, I took an exaggerated view of the changing view of the area which is represented in my upload.

As dusk descended on Chicago I made an extreme view image with a tripod-mounted Nikon D4s to include, at left, the 333 West Wacker Drive Building, at center, the 150 North Riverside Building that opened this year and, at right, River Point (also known as the 444 Lake Street Building), also a 2017 completed edition to the skyline. And, overlooking the scene at left background is our city's tallest building and landmark, the black clad, Sears Tower (to some also known as the Willis Tower).

While the 333 West Wacker Drive Building is a veteran of the area its reflective surface now has company in the form of the new 150 North Riverside Building and River Point giants. The new look is highly reflective of the construction surge in the city.

The shot was taken from Wolf Point which is where the city began as a settlement. The point is also part of the explosive new construction in the form of Wolf Point West luxury residential tower (from where the image was taken) to be soon joined by another residential tower, Wolf Point East.

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