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Spring Sports by Bruce Leighty
Bruce Leighty

Spring Sports by Bruce Leighty in Sports

I love spring sports and the season that goes with it, probably most of all for my love of baseball and the renewal of hope that comes with the season.

Of course, most of all spring sports occur outside, but as all Chicagoans know, spring weather here can be, to say the least a bit changeable. As was the case this past week when most any photography of high school spring sports was driven back inside to gyms normally associated with winter sports.

Though an often overlooked and under photographed sport, volleyball has some unique challenges for any sports shooter. Its activity can often be unpredictable, especially at the net and limited lighting can be a challenge to obtain sharp images that stop action.

This week while I was obtaining some shots of the spring net sport, I captured this upload which, I thought isolated the expression and action that often defines this sport at and above the tape. Two defenders rose in an ill-fated effort to block a kill shot that was nearly thwarted by the defender on the left whose jump was timed just a bit too early.

I thought this shot provided a good chance to provide CMC members with a shot of a rarely captured spring sport. I hope I netted a good one.

Happy spring to each and everyone on CMC!

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