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Alone with One's Shadow by Bruce Leighty
Bruce Leighty

Alone with One's Shadow by Bruce Leighty in Weather

As my CMC routine normally includes uploading one image at a time, I will plan to continue that process over the near term to include a series of images with a common theme. That theme is, what I hope will prove to be dynamic light that I encountered this year along the lake at sunrise.

The quality of light provided at the beginning of the day is often dramatically different throughout the year, from season to season. I will attempt to display that light at various times this past summer and fall through my next few uploads.

The first such image incorporates the still very warm early light that occurs in September and shows a walker, alone with her shadow enjoying the first light of day as she moves along the lake wall below the Shedd Aquarium.

The lake wall, walkway and even the windows from the Shedd Aquarium all reflect the true golden tones of the very early day and, in turn, share them with the surface waters in Lake Michigan.

The composition provided a colorful reflection that also represented the warm tones of the early autumn season.

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