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Roll-of-Film, 1 of 12 by David Uthe
David Uthe

Roll-of-Film, 1 of 12 by David Uthe in Food

Sunday's Balcony Picnic

This is one of my 12-photos working "Exercise 5: Shoot a Roll of Film, from the blog article [13 Creative Exercises for Photographers By Todd Vorenkamp]( The idea is go out and photograph as if you only had one roll of film, then stop. The goal is to better plan and execute each shot carefully, as opposed to a spray-and-pray approach. In my first attempt at this, I ended up with maybe 7-shots out of the 12 that I thought were possible keepers. That's a MUCH-much higher percentage than I get on my nature fieldtrips, which involve different circumstances, but still ....

(Canon XTi, f/10, 1/250th, ISO 400, 18mm)

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