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About Me

I shoot travel, landscape, candid/street, activism, documentary, and occasionally baseball. Cut my photographic teeth accidentally--as a writer-- hitchhiking around the US and backpacking Mexico and Central America. Finally realized I could take really good pictures if I actually, you know, TRIED, so swapped the pocket point & click & iPhone for "real" Canon equipment in 2015.

Spent three months shooting a documentary in the Andes and traveling Peru last winter and am now working to replace and upgrade gear again. Looking for Canon telephoto and wide angle L glass as well as a 7D2 or 80D (eventually) if you're selling!

Aside from the activism photography, most of my stuff on CMC is from 2015 on random excursions around the city just to learn my equipment. Will certainly add to that collection this spring and summer!

Thanks for the warm welcome; you're some excellent photographers! CC always welcome and encouraged!