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About Me

I am naturally a visual artist.

I didn't start out as a photographer I was more of an illustrator and I loved painters and I painted a little. I love paint.

I went to Parsons School of Design in NYC at 17. My major was Communication Design (advertising). I had to take a photography class, it was black and white, darkroom-film. I loved the darkroom, but as a photographer I had a lot to learn! With great fortune my father gave me the Zeiss-ikon camera that he used to take all our baby pictures. Sweet! It felt like a dream in my hands. (That camera has long since pooped out...)

I also had to take a film/video class. I loved the hands on part of the class. I grew up on Hollywood's golden movies.

I changed my major from advertising to fashion illustration to general illustration and then I gave art up for awhile. I just couldn't find what I really wanted to do... One of my favorite classes was the Monday Fashion related Lecture Series, everyone came to speak: The Editor and Chief of Vogue...

With a little more time and maturity I went back to school FIT in NYC for Fashion Design. I lasted 2 semesters then took a portfolio of "Better Dress" designs around to NYC but few jobs were available.

At 23 and being single I headed out to the Hollywood, LA, and tried to get into costume design for the movies.

Domestic life took over professional aspirations and I picked up a my camera again to take pictures of my daughter whom I was raising in Florida. As she got older and more independent I got more into photography. I experimented with many kinds of commercial photography. I freelanced for an Ad Agency and together we won a few local Addy Awards.

Currently I am content to flickr, and join an occasional contest. I won third place this fall for the McHenry Land Conservancy Photo Contest. Recently Getty picked up my first few photos from flickr.

I grew up in NYC and am now living fairly close to Chicago. These are such different cities, both wonderful in their own way. In my experience of Chicago, so far, that crazy beautiful turquoise water that wraps around this great city is tremendously beautiful. I am very excited to be apart of this Chicago project and am excited about getting to know these talented Chicago photographers.