I ran out of room on my phone back in September, so I stupidly uploaded my photos to my computer. They went into lr5 and ever since I have done this, I am no longer able to go into my subfolders of 2015 going back to about June. So when I want to go into them, I have to go into "2015" and scroll through 20,000+ photos....also I noticed when I upload to CMC, there is no exif info, which would only happen if I would edit through certain software, not all, but some of my software. If anyone has some insight on all of this, I would surely appreciate it.....Thanks :-)

These phone photos must be in recent upload if you haven't assigned them to a file. If you assign them to a unique file this might solve your problem. I must admit that I have no idea why you are having this problem. Did you back them up to a backup drive. If you did I'd delete them from LR5 and your C drive, but before you do that change the name on your backup drive, or unplug your backup drive from your computer before you delete it so the backup won't be deleted too. I hope this helps.

I did try that Bill, as Milosh suggested did not work. I have the box checked for them to go in to subfolder's, which they do go into upon upload I just can't click on them anymore to open them...... I do appreciate you trying to help me :-)