Hi, Everyone -

I'd love some feedback\critique on it...

I took it in at Morton Arboretum on a lecture/hike down the Joy Path

Thanks! Pino

I'm not sure you didn't use one, but this was an ideal composition for a circular-polarizing-filter. Scenes in bright sunlight are very difficult to get perfect without some blown-out spots. You did a good job here.

Hi, David - thanks! I can't swear if I had my filter on or not since this was back in 2014, but it is possible as sometimes I put it on at the Arboretum because of the ponds and lakes. The lighting was actually really nice because of the shadows which helped balance the overall shot with the bright snow. In post I am pretty sure I added a little vignette - aside from removing the 'tree tag' in photoshop. We were actually on an 'educational hike' with an instructor and I remember walking past the tree on the way 'down' the path and thinking 'I need a shot of this tree' and then pondering the settings for the rest of the walk and all the way back 'up' the path back to it... I had the camera set, lifted and focused, and took the shot basically in one movement and kept on walking with the rest of the group... I only remember all that so vividly because the staff photographer that was trailing us (for general marketing shots of the event) paused when I paused to take the shot... ;)