December Spotlight Launch

Snowflakes on my Glove by sonnet schulz

It's time for the December Spotlight! launch!

The weather is turning and the holiday season is in full swing. Let's see what Chicago looks like in the month of December. Submit photos of your life in and around Chicago during the month of December. At the end of the month, we'll award prizes for the top-rated photo and the editors' pick!

We've got some great challenges currently running. Challenges are a great way to see how your photos measure up for a particular theme. Submit your best shots to the challenge then watch it rise up the leaderboard. At the end of each challenge, badges are given to the top-rated photo and the editors' pick. Check out the current challenges and get involved!

We also have a couple of new features we're pretty excited about:

Photo Critiques: Critiques are the perfect way to get detailed feedback on your photos. Folks who wish to critique your photo are given a 1-5 rating scale on composition, subject, tone, focus, processing and impact, and asked to provide feedback. How users rate your photo is combined into an average so you can see, in detailed fashion, what people think of your work. To turn on critiques for a photo, edit its information (either individually or in the organizer), and check "allow critiques."

Critique Image

Group Leaderboard: We revamped the group page to show more relevant group activity. The highlight of the revamp is the group weekly leaderboard, which is a top-10 list (by score) of group member photos for the week! The Chicago PhotoShop Group is a good example. If you're not a member of a group, join one or request to start a new one.

Photo Stats: We added stats to each photo's page. For starters we're showing you a photo's total votes accumulated and activity over the last week. We plan to refine the stats area and add some more metrics along the way.

We're always striving to make Capture My Chicago an enjoyable destination for you and the best place to see the Chicago-area in photos. If you have a feature idea, let us know!

Now, get out there and Capture December!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published almost 8 years ago in Capture My Chicago News