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It's an exciting time for the Capture My Chicago community! We have several updates to share with you, so let's jump right in.

First, as many of you have seen, the Capture My Chicago 2010 book has been a huge success! We've heard from all over the Chicago area that the book is the best representation of Chicago-area photography ever released, and we couldn't agree more. Thanks again to everyone who contributed photos and voted to help our editors find the best of the best for publication.

2010 was some time ago, obviously, and we've had some amazing photos submitted since then. In fact, the Capture My Chicago community is growing by leaps and bounds! Capture My Chicago users have submitted more than 50,000 new photos and cast nearly 2 million new votes since the Capture My Chicago 2010 book phase ended. Keep up the good work, folks!

We are working on details for the next Capture My Chicago product. We hope to be able to announce more details in the next 3-4 weeks. And of course, all of your photos and votes will be eligible for whatever product is next (assuming you opt-in).

Home You may have noticed a few design changes on Capture My Chicago over the last few weeks. We created a new home page, pictured above, that showcases the stunning photography of Capture My Chicago users. Along with this change we also simplified the navigation and footer so you can easily jump in to the spot you're interested in.

One of the recent changes we are most excited about is the new category page. Capture My Chicago is all about photos so we revamped category pages to highlight the extraordinary photography from across the area. Jump in to any category page, like weather, and you'll find top photos that will blow you away! The method we use to get the top photos will cycle new amazing photography into the first few pages, so be sure to check out categories time and time again.

Chicago Architecture We are thrilled to present our latest showcase, Chicago Architecture. Over the past few weeks Capture My Chicago users have been submitting some great architecture photos so we decided to showcase some recent shots as well as some older submissions. Take a few minutes to browse the Chicago Architecture Showcase, then share it with your friends and family!

Be sure to check out our latest challenges, like the Motion challenge currently running. Challenges are a great way to share your photos, win prizes and see some excellent Chicago-area photography.

PDF Finally, we are happy to announce the limited availability of Capture My Chicago sponsorships. We've had a number of photographers and local businesses inquire about sponsorships and we've crafted a unique set of sponsorship opportunities in response. If you're interested (or know someone who would be), check out our advertise page and download the sponsorship PDF!

Now you're up to date on what's new! As always, keep submitting your photos and voting to shape the best of the Chicago area. Stay tuned for more features, updates and amazing Chicago-area photography!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published over 6 years ago in Capture My Chicago News