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About Me

"Live with Passion, Love with Passion, Share with Passion, Receive with Gratitude." - me, although i'm sure I heard it somewhere before :-)

I am a photo-artist. I start with the camera to acquire an image. After that, all bets are off. It took the last three to four years to understand this about myself, accept it and to actually come to savor it.

But I have.

At this point in my life (age 65) simply being alive, and all of the Arts, including my photo/art, engages all of my senses at once: sight, smell, touch, hearing as well as taste. (My mother told me to stop putting things I photograph in my mouth, but it's a habit I seem unable and/or unwilling to break. It's fun).

Photography and art also engage all sides of my brain: left and right, top and bottom, and front and back. :-) as well as my spirit and my soul. You would think this would be sensory overload; but it isn't. It makes me feel ALIVE!!!

In this, the final third of my life (age 60 to 90 - hubris or hope?) I see better, feel better, understand more, and wish to do more, than I ever have before - and I've done a lot. And much of the doing is easier as we tend to stop fighting ourselves - and our real desires and feelings - as we get older.

Should we not put all of this life's experience into our work, our art and our being alive? Every damn day? I think we should.

I love color: vibrant, rich, saturated and seductive - which I hope shows. And, I've fallen in love with adding textures to my imagery. Can't quite explain that part either, so I'll just ride that feeling out. See where it takes me.

I hope the joy that art brings me shows in the photos.

I love fishing (with the fly mostly), writing, jazz and taking kids fishing. The Tao and Zen guide my spirit (lucky me) and it took me 50 years to learn that as a man, my gentle and loving side were my best sides. Shoulda' let them out a long time ago.

I've been an fly fisherman, artist, painter, sculptor, photographer, writer, radio announcer, TV director, cinematographer. It has been a life indulged in creative things. Must admit, I've loved it.

Please note: When I shoot, I envision prints from 20 x 24" and up. I shoot images to be seen large, so the all sizes "large" shows them best. The music and narratives are also important parts of the overall viewing of the image.

Finally, I'm the "Fishin' Guy!" for the City of Chicago. I take kids, teens, adults, seniors and those with special needs fishing and help them catch fish. No lessons taught, just wonderful memories gained.