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About Me

I've loved taking photos since I can remember! I love art too, anything artistic. I have so enjoyed capturemychicago! I have learned so much. I hope to improve and have fun doing it. I will never look at three things in a row or a seagull or a leaf the same way ever again thanks to the many wonderful photographers. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind. I have so enjoyed looking at the abstracts, fisheyes, B&W's, and of course HDR photos! I have a deeper appreciation for nature now and have seen more beauty in the world even if it's only in my own backyard but mostly in your photos. Thanks for enlightening me! And I'm sorry I didn't have my camera with me tonight because the moon looked awesome rising. But I smiled because I am hoping someone else captured it tonight for me to enjoy! Thanks capturemychicago! You made my year!